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Set of original photo manipulations and digital artworks by Nikita Gill.

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  • Ya'll be like: I love black girls......with european features
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls with afros are long as they got light skin.
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls are beautiful...but just the ones who are white passin' or as racially ambiguous as possible.
  • Ya'll be like: Natural hair is the best long as the curls are really really loose.
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do i have cramps or has my appendix exploded

does my boob hurt or am i having a heart attack

am i on my period or do i have internal bleeding

these are our struggles

Thinking of dirty thoughts and getting an erection in awkward situations

The struggles of a man

boo hoo

thinking of my naked grandma isnt going to suck the blood back into my vagina

you need an award right now

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11pm / august 2014
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11pm / august 2014

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Ajak Deng for Schon Magazine by Tyler Kandel

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Poetry is complete thoughts    
written in
uncompleted sentences

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Fresh Looks: Dorina Darii by Stefan Dani
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have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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